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Who we are


Maq Distributors Ltd. is a Canadian industry leader in the design, manufacture and  distribution of cannabis accessories, vaping products and accessories, and other related items. Headquartered in Winnipeg, and established in 2012, we work with sought-after Canadian glass artists to showcase their work in retail stores across Canada and service hundreds of Canadian clients including the Ontario Cannabis Stores, licensed producers, national retail franchises, private retail chains and individual retail stores. With a combined 50 years of industry-specific experience, we consistently push the envelope to design and craft both white-label and in-house brands that focus on innovative, affordable, compliant and functional accessories for cannabis consumers across all segments, and have developed new product lines specifically for the recreational cannabis market. As a leader in the vaping products industry, we additionally provide our clients with access to the latest high-quality, compliant vaping liquids and products.

Our team includes:

- Process Managers;

- Project Managers;

- Quality Control Experts;

- Shipping Managers;

- Merchandising Specialists;

- Account Managers;

- Graphic Designers;

- A Legally Trained Regulatory Compliance Specialist.