Assemble The Best Product Line

Carry Only Products Your Customers Will Love    

Our expert sales team will ensure you have the best products that appeal to your target customers, demographics and geographical location. We will ensure that the objective you have is fulfilled to it's full potential, trimming any fat that will allow you to carry only what you need!




Success Starts Before Opening

Whether you are a new business owner, opening a new location, or looking to better utilize your current store space, our retail experts will go through your location to make sure you are utilizing every inch of your business to it's fullest potential. From showcase placement to the optimal product arrangement, POS area and more, our industry leaders will take the time to ensure your success before your doors open for the first time.


Product Prototyping

Crafting New and Unique Products

Remember that idea for a product you've been dying to see turned into a reality? We have you covered! Whether it's a full detailed CAD drawing or just the beginning of an idea written on a bar napkin, we have all the tools to turn your concept into a reality. Our designers and industry experts will work tirelessly to get the product you envisioned on your shelf!