[fog1508b] *EXCISED* Mr Fog Max Air 8500 Limited Edition Double Spearmint Box of 10


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    Mr. Fog is making a triumphant return with their latest innovation, the Max Air 8500 Puff Disposable. While it retains the iconic design and form factor of its predecessor, this new iteration boasts an impressive 8500 puffs. With a generous 17ml reservoir of premium e-liquid and an advanced mesh coil technology, you can expect a vaping experience like no other. The Max Air 8500 also delivers superior airflow and features a robust 600mAh rechargeable battery, conveniently powered by a USB Type-C connection. It's the revival of the beloved classic, so why wait? Treat yourself to the all-new Mr. Fog experience today and give a warm welcome back to MR. FOG!

    17ml of pre-filled juice, Huge puffs
    Stylish appearance with unique masterbatch process design
    600mAh battery with type- c Rechargeable for a longer enjoyment.
    TPU food-grade mouthpiece,utimate lip fit

    Whats in the box
    10 x Mr Fog MA8500 units