[ooz028b] Bong Accessory White Rhino Black Keck Clip 14mm Box Of 200


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    A keck clip looks like two C shapes with teeth on the inner curve. The top crescent is slightly smaller, and is connected to the bottom piece by three small loops. Assemble the attachment, and connect the smaller C shape to the attachment being inserted, and snap the bottom piece onto the actual joint. They will remain securely connected until the clip is removed, there’s no risk of the attachment slipping out. This box of clips is made for pieces with a 14mm joint. These are compatible with large 14mm attachments. The black plastic complements the look of just about any style of piece, and adds a bit of complexity to the overall appearance. C CLIP | White Rhino C Clips are used to hold glass joints and downstems together. The plastic grips on the glass keeps the bowl or other attachment securely in place. BLACK | The black plastic is durable and heat resistant. The neutral tone pairs nicely with both colored and transparent glass, and adds a bit of complexity to the overall look of the piece. TRAVEL | Keck clips are helpful for traveling with a water pipe. It will hold the bowl or attachment in place, preventing it from falling out and breaking, spilling, or getting lost. 200CT BOX | This is a bulk box of c-clips that holds 200 pieces. Put them on display by showing them in action. Attach a few clips to the glass pieces you have on display in the store to demonstrate their purpose. What's In The Box 200-14mm Keck Clips