[sth2602b] *EXCISED* Disposable Vape STLTH Titan Pro Banana Berry Melon Ice Box of 5


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    "BANANA BERRY MELON ICE: Indulge in the tantalizing fusion of sun-kissed bananas, succulent berries, and juicy melons, all infused with a refreshing icy kick. Every inhale delivers a burst of fruity sweetness, balanced by the invigorating chill, ensuring a satisfyingly robust hit that leaves you craving more.

    Meet the STLTH TITAN PRO, a next-gen evolution of the STLTH TITAN Disposable, now featuring a sleek LED screen for real-time e-liquid and battery level updates, and an adjustable airflow system for tailored vaping. This powerhouse device redefines convenience and precision, offering unparalleled performance and ultimate satisfaction!

    Experience a new level of nicotine and flavour intensity with the STLTH TITAN PRO's dual mesh coils, which activate simultaneously to deliver consistently powerful hits. Each inhale is smooth, robust, and profoundly satisfying, doubling the impact compared to standard disposables.

    Perfect for those on the move, the STLTH TITAN PRO boasts an impressive 20ML e-liquid capacity and a rechargeable 900mAh battery, providing up to an astounding 15,000 puffs. The user-friendly LED screen ensures you're always aware of your device's remaining e-liquid levels and battery charge levels, while the USB Type-C port guarantees fast and effortless recharging, keeping you vaping without interruption.

    Choose from an extensive range of 25 unique flavours, catering to every taste and preference, the STLTH TITAN PRO offers a flavour for everyone. Elevate your vaping experience with the STLTH TITAN PRO and enjoy flavours that deliver twice the hit.

    Flavour Notes:


    Up to 15,000 puffs
    LED Screen with E-Liquid and Battery indicators
    Dual Vertical Mesh Coils for Superior Flavour Delivery
    Permanent Boost for Consistently Powerful Hits
    Adjustable Airflow
    20 mL of E-Liquid
    20 mg/mL
    900 mAh Internal Battery

    What's In The Box

    5 x STLTH Titan Pro"